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We’ve all been there. It’s finally time to install that new bathroom or fix some leaky plumbing. But we don’t know where to turn for reliable professional help. Enter, which connects homeowners with a network of 3.2 million professionals. We partnered with Porch to help them enhance their User Experience (UX), ensuring their customers enjoy a focused, engaging journey through the website.


  • Content Strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • User Experience Design
  • User Personas & Journeys

The Challenge

Finding a home improvement professional can be daunting. Porch needs to make sure the UX effectively facilitates homeowners’ search for a qualified professional, without confusing or discouraging them.

The Solution

We provided recommendations for UX and site content that would give the user a clear understanding of the process for finding a professional, the role Porch would play after making the connection, and the validity of the professionals listed.

The Results

A proposed three-pronged workflow giving visitors to the homepage the opportunity to direct their journey before entering information into a search field. This approach would be designed to reduce the homepage bounce rate while making Porch’s core services immediately apparent.

How we did it: knowing the users

To better understand current and potential Porch customers, FifteenFour conducted nationwide qualitative and quantitative research with homeowners. We used that research to refine customer personas, create user journeys based on the personas, and ultimately develop UX recommendations based on those journeys.

How we did it:
focus groups & surveys

We conducted a survey of current Porch customers and held focus groups with homeowners. From there, we refined customer personas that we used to develop detailed user journeys through the site. We carefully considered the user’s likely emotions at each state of the site’s workflows, giving us insights on likely user behavior.

Design Recommendations

Along with recommending a three-pronged workflow, we made the following recommendations:

  • Tell a Story
  • Highlight Lifestyle Content
  • Be Mindful of Price Sensitivity
  • Establish a Design Library
  • Make estimates downloadable and printable

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