Small Business Stories 2016

Navy Federal


The annual National Small Business Week in May is an opportunity to celebrate America’s innovative and hard-working small business owners. Navy Federal Credit Union wanted to celebrate their support of entrepreneurs by showcasing the inspirational stories of members who started their small businesses with the help of a Navy Federal loan.


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Live Action Video
  • Post-Production
  • Production
  • Social Media

The Challenge

The stories of five members selected by Navy Federal needed to engage the credit union’s 5 million+ members while demonstrating their expertise in helping small business owners.

The Solution

FifteenFour brought Navy Federal’s member stories to life through short videos that were digitally distributed leading up to and during National Small Business Week. The videos showcased the members’ stories, their businesses, and Navy Federal’s role in supporting them.

The Results

In addition to creating the videos, FifteenFour architected a social distribution strategy that ensured maximum exposure among Navy Federal’s members and the small businesses’ audiences as well. In addition to receiving over 1 million views, the videos drove +25% more visitors to the Small Business Week website than the previous year’s campaign.

How we did it:
Small Business Story Videos

Each 90-second video features a Navy Federal member sharing their story and explaining how Navy Federal helped them to get where they are now. The videos were personable, inspiring, and diverse in their subjects. They featured small businesses across the country, including a veterinary clinic in Florida, a brewery in Virginia, and a hair studio in California.


Sharing Toolkits

Sharing Toolkits were created for each of the featured small businesses. These toolkits outlined the campaign timeline, as well as recommendations and instructions on how the small businesses could most effectively share among their own audiences.

Social Media Content

While the small business story videos were at the core of the campaign, additional content was created to expand the campaign’s reach. A mash-up video of the five stories was released to create intrigue leading up to National Small Business Week. Shortened teaser videos were also created for each of the small business story videos.



More than 1 Million views and over 25% more visitors than during the previous year’s campaign. How do you like them apples?

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